Q: Why do I have to raise my pH to 8.0 or higher before I use GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Q: How do I know how much soda ash to add to my pool to raise the pH to 8?
Q: What is the active ingredient?
Q: Do I need to pre-dissolve GREEN TO CLEAN® before adding to my vinyl liner pool?
Q: How long should I run my filter after adding GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Q: The directions on the container say to shock the pool a 2nd time after 24 hours. When exactly do I add this 2nd chlorine application?
Q: After adding GREEN TO CLEAN® and chlorine, my pool changed from cloudy green to milky blue. What do I do?
Q: What is a filter aid?
Q: How long do I have to stay out of my pool after treating it with GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Q: If I have to treat my pool again within 7-10 days, do I need to add more GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Q: What is your guarantee?